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“You may have noted that it was hard for anyone to leave. I don’t think anyone believed it would be possible to paint an entire house in a matter of hours! I’ve heard so many comments about how rewarding the experience was and how a couple of folks would like to return on their own.”

– Cindy Lawton, ACI Worlwide, home sponsors and volunteers

Ready to join over 2,000 volunteers from over 50 businesses and churches throughout Williamson County who support our mission every year? Habitat volunteers bring diversity and new ideas to further our mission while saving us over $300,000 in labor costs by building homes, working in our ReStore, accomplishing daily affiliate tasks, and governing our organization.

Volunteering is an excellent way for you, your business or church to ‘put your faith in action’, experience Habitat’s mission firsthand, connect with the community, and learn how to advocate for Habitat through knowledge and experience.

Individual volunteers are welcome at the construction site, ReStore, or in the office.

Group volunteers are welcome at the construction site or at the ReStore.

Ways to Volunteer

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